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Let’s walk with the Nakasendo Monster!

 The map below shows the old Nakasendo trail. It was a national route that used to connect Kyoto and Tokyo during the Edo Period (1603-1867). Click the map to enlarge!

 The part displayed in the translucent frame on the map above is the Territory of Nakasendo Monster. It is the southern part of Nagano prefecture, and Kiso Valley lies in the area. Click the map to see in more detail.

1. Magome Pass

 It is possible to say that Magome to Tsumago hike is the most popular activity within the Kiso area, especially for people traveling to Japan for the first time. The walking distance is only 8.5km, and uphill is about 200m. Check the following articles with photos.

 Jan. 2023 Magome toTsumago (English)
 Jun. 2019 Tsumago to Magome (English)
 May. 2022 Nagiso to Magome (Japanese)

2. Ne-no-ue Pass (Yogawa trail)

 You can enjoy this beautiful trail all year round. The hike starts at Nagiso (Midono post town) and ends at Nojiri post town. The total walking distance is about 16 km (10 miles), and the elevation difference is about 400 meters. Read more on the following articles.

 Jan. 2023 (English)
 Nov. 2019 (English and Japanese)

3. Suhara Trail

 Enjoy a picturesque region with lush rice terraces! The distance is short (5km), but we visit two distinctive post towns and three temples. The highlight of this trail is a very unusual terrain left behind by a meandering cut of the Kiso river and a tremendous upheaval in this area.

 Jan. 2023 A strange topography in Ookuwa (English)
 Jul. 2021 Joshoji-Temple in Suhara (Japanese)
 Mar. 2021 Nojiri to Suhara post town (Japanese)

4. Fukushima Post Town

 Feb. 2021 Kiso town 3 hour hike (Japanese)
 Jul. 2019 Suimu Shrine Annual Festival (English)
 Jul. 2019 Suimu Shrine Annual Festival (Japanese)

5. Ontake Kodo Trail

 Jul. 2022 Ontake Kodo Trail & Sacred Waterfalls
 Aug. 2020 Walking Ontake Kodo Trail
 GoNagano presents Ontake Kodo Trail – Guided by Nakasendo Monster (English)

6. Mt. Ontake Climb

 Oct. 2021 2 Days Hike Through Marishiten (Japanese)
 Aug. 2020 Rainy season is over! (Japanese)
 Oct. 2019 Crater Hunting on Mt.Ontake (English)
 Jul. 2019 First Climb After the Disaster (Japanese)

Old Hida Trail – 7. Nishino Pass and 8. Nagamine Pass

 Between Takayama and Kiso, there were more than a thousand years of coming and going. People call this old trail the Hida-Kaido. Unfortunately, most of Hida-Kaido has been abandoned or disappeared since the construction of roadway 361, but we can still find some parts of the old route and enjoy walking. Nakasendo Monster is now working on the project to restore and maintain those abandoned parts of the trail.

 Click to see the location of Old Hida Trail

 Apr. 2022 Salted Yellowtail (Japanese)
 Nov. 2021 Kohiwada to Nagamine Pass (Japanese)
 Nov. 2021 Sekiya Pass & Nishino Pass (Japanese)
 Dec. 2019 Jizo Pass & Nishino Pass (English)

9. Torii Pass

 Jun. 2022 Yabuhara to Narai, Hirasawa (Japanese)
 Aug. 2020 Torii Pass and Narai in Summer Fes (Japanese)
 Jun. 2019 Walking Nakasendo – Torii Pass (English)

10. Wada Pass

 Nov. 2020 Wada Pass in Autumn (Japanese)
 May. 2020 Wada Pass in Spring (Japanese)
 GoNagano presents Wada Pass Trail – Guided by Nakasendo Monster (English)

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The guiding fee for a one-day walking tour is 35,000 to 50,000 yen (for max, 6 people).
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