Visiting Satomiya & Shintaki(御嶽神社里宮と新滝)

Nice & cool experience in super hot summer (English version. 3min. 18sec - 日本語字幕付) 御嶽神社の里宮とそのすぐ近くにある新滝を訪問 After...

Suimu Shrine Annual Festival(水無神社例大祭)

Wild and Unusual - Rolling with Sacred Treasure (English version. 1min. 40sec) Wild and Unusual - Rolling with Sac...

水無神社例大祭 – みこしまくり(木曽町)

 木曽路のちょうど中央に位置し、古くから中山道の要衝でもあった木曽町。この町では毎年 7 月 22 日と 23 日の二日間に水無神社の例大祭が行われる。これが「天下の奇祭」といわれる所以は、総重量 400 キロという御輿を毎年新しく作り、そ...

Climbing Mt. Ontake(御嶽山頂上の規制解除)

Mt. Ontake is a major sacred mountain that has 56,300 followers all over Japan. On Saturday, September 27, 2014, at around 11:53 a.m. the volcano erupted suddenly. Sixty-three people were killed; five bodies remain un-recovered. Almost five years after the eruption, the summit is open again. Local government is carefully tring to recover the facilities at the summit.

Climbing Mt. Bozudake(梅雨空の下、坊主岳に登る)

Climbing Mt. Bozudake (English version with BGM. 1min. 40sec) Mt. Bozudake can be seen from R19 (Modern Day Nakase...

Walking Nakasendo – Tsumago to Magome

Nakasendo Trail Day Hike. Walking from Tsumago to Magome post town through Magome-toge pass. Contains two videos.

Mizukizawa Natural Forest(水木沢天然林)

Mizukizawa Part I (approx. 10 min.) Mizukizawa Part II (approx. 8 min.) 木曽川源流の森「水木沢天然林」を歩く  今回は外国人がほとんど来ない「水木...

Walking Nakasendo – Torii-toge Pass

 Torii-toge pass was probably the hardest part of Nakasendo trail during the Edo Period. Who could imagine that, in ...

Fossa Magna – A great fault zone divides Japan

Left: Fossa Magna (Japan), Right: Great Rift Valley (East Africa) Image credit: TDK Process of forming are diffe...

My favorite walking trail

There is a lovely waterfall at the end of trail. When I have to make some decision, in stead of "thinking", I go to ...