Walking Nakasendo – Tsumago to Magome

Walking From Tsumago to Magome

A traditional Japanese-style inn located at the north end of Tsumago post town.

The Tsumago post town. With a tremendous effort of people, the old post town has revived in the 1970s.

Old Nakasendo trail. So nice to walk.

Twin waterfall between Tsumago and Magome pass. This one called Medaki (Female Waterfall).

Odaki (Male Waterfall)

A huge “Sawara” cypress. The signboard says that the tree is over 300 years old.

Old Nakasendo trail.

The Magome-toge pass. Its altitude is 801 m.

The stone monument engraved with a comic tanka poem by Ikku Juppensha, the famous writer of Edo era. My translation: … All the women here looks chestnuts before peeling, but their famous chestnut rice taste good.

Lookout point. You have a full view of Mt. Ena (2191m).

Magome: Lively post town