Walking Ne-no-ue Pass – Yogawa Trail(与川道を行く)

 Ne-no-ue Pass is the highest point on Yogawa Trail. As we start walking from the JR Nagiso station, we go through so many hamlets and enjoy the atmosphere of really rural Japan before leaching to the pass. The Yogawa Trail passes through mountainous terrain since it was designed as a detour for the Nakasendo if and when the Kiso River overflowed.

Momosuke-bashi Bridge. Said to be the longest suspended bridge made of wood in Japan. Named after Momosuke Fukuzawa who dedicated his life for the development of Hydroric power generation in Meiji era of Japan.

 Going through farming area.

 Ruin of old railroad bridge for lumber carry train.

 Ready to harvest!

 Ideally, harvested rice ear must be dried by natural sunlight as shown in this photo. Natural drying is necessary process to produce tasty rice.

 Yogawamichi trail passing through hamlet in the mountain.

 Yogawa-michi is full of varied scenery.

 Amidado Temple. Nice spot to have lunch.

 The name plate of Amidado.

 Signpost of stone buddhist Image. Sitting this place for over 260 years.