Magome and Tsumago Jan. 2023 – A Most quiet time of the year – 静かな真冬の馬籠宿と妻籠宿を散策

  Midwinter. We could hardly see any tourists walking along the post town. At the Toson Museum, we found a gardener working on a beautiful pine tree at the entrance. He can do it only this time of the year.

  The Magome pass lies between Magome and Tsumago post towns. The pass is also on the prefectural border between Gifu and Nagano. Geography, vegetation, and culture change dramatically at this point.

  The photo shows the downhill from the top of the Magome pass. Compacted snow had become a very slippery trail with shining ice.

  We always experience nice welcome at Ichikokutochi tea house.

  Very quiet Tsumago post town.